Lur May Juan

Lur May Juan is the founder of Pure Joy, an online bakery that offers customised cakes and pastries in Singapore. She also specialises in desserts and wedding favours. Her goal is to provide excellent and personalised customer service, and bring what customers aspire to reality. She wants her customers to experience pure joy when they receive their unique creations.

May Juan

(1) Tell us a bit more about yourself and your passion for baking.

I studied culinary and had more interest in baking rather than cooking. What really inspires me is the creation of each unique cake. Bringing a customer’s desired design of a cake into reality is a challenging yet satisfying process.

(2) What was the inspiration behind the name Pure Joy?

The name has to do with Jesus, who is the One who gives me pure joy. I want to do business in a way that honours God. This means doing things with integrity and serving people with excellence. My baptism name is Joy as well. I want the cakes I create to bring delight to people.

(3) What is the most special cake you have ever made?

Most of the cakes I’ve done are customised. They are all special and unique in their own way. I have made some interesting ones with my previous company. Some of them include a moving cake car, huge castle, Terminal 4 Opening etc. For myself, I would say a 3D Tugboat cake.

(4) What are some of the challenges associated with a home business like yours?

Ingredients are expensive as we can’t get supplier rates like commercial companies. Also, customers may think our cakes are not as professional as they are made at home.

(5) What are the challenges associated with cake-baking that people don't usually know about?

Cake-baking requires more time than cooking. Though some people may think it’s made instantly, it is in fact very time-consuming. This is especially so when it is customised with different figurines. Our cakes take more time because we pay attention to details to make them look pretty. Despite this, some people are not willing to pay a high price for the effort put into customised cakes.

(6) COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown has enabled many people to pick up baking. Some do it out of passion, while aspiring bakers are jumping at the change to hone their craft. Do you have any advice for these aspiring bakers?

I’m not an established bakery as I just started out too. Other than details or flavours, I believe that integrity is most important. We are all humans and we make mistakes. We should learn from these mistakes and pick ourselves up from there. Don’t create fake news or fake hype to draw attention. If your offerings are good, I believe people will notice them over time.

(7) Has there ever been a time when you thought "This request is too extreme"?

Many times. Especially so when they require so many details on their cakes but are only willing to spend ‘peanuts’.

(8) Are there any unique flavours or designs that you would like to experiment with?

I have a few interesting flavours for Christmas, so stay tuned! Recently, I am featuring people’s dreams and passions. I’m thinking of creating a cake for each person according to their dreams.


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