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Chand Mahtani is part of the senior management team at KF Property Network, a division of the Knight Frank Group. She has more than 30 years of experience across top property firms in Singapore. Chand became a mother at the tender age of 19 and has successfully raised two boys and a girl. The newest addition to her family is her daughter-in-law who is just as amazing, someone whom she has embraced with ease. Her four children now are grown and are making a positive impact in their own ways. In her free time, she dabbles in her passion for poetry and stories. She has an active reiki and meditation practice, besides counselling on a free-lance basis. All monies from her books, reiki and counselling practice go towards helping those in need.


(1) You became a mother at the tender age of 19. Was it daunting?

Daunting, no. I took it in my stride. My late husband was my rock and a very mature man. I had no problems bringing them up. My children are my life.

(2) What is the greatest challenge and reward of being a young mother?

Getting married at a young age, and not a decision made by me meant putting my hopes and dreams on hold. That was not easy for my young mind to comprehend. The challenge was and is till today not to think of what happened, but to keep moving forward.

(3) How is your relationship with your own mother like? How did she react when you found out you were expecting at 19?

My mother and I have very different personalities. Growing up, I was more my father’s child, with us mother and daughter having conflicting ideas and perceptions on practically everything. We have had many challenges over the years. However, as we both have matured, we have also learnt along the way, keeping each other’s positive traits in mind. We are, for now; in a good space.

As mentioned above, my mother belongs to a very different school of thought than myself. There is a vast difference between her thought processes and mine. Having a child at 19 is seen as normal in her eyes, even today.

(4) How do you communicate with your children? Do you communicate differently with each child?

My children are all very unique, which may sound cliche but is true. I have regular individual dates with them and it's amazing! They each have so much to teach me, and that invigorates me.

(5) How do you balance your work responsibilities with motherhood?

It was difficult when the children were younger. Money was tight so hired help was not an option. My late husband and I took turns to be with them. However, it hurts to admit that many a time my children had to be left home alone to fend for themselves. No mother should have to make that choice.

(6) How have your notions of what it means to be a woman changed over your lifetime?

It has always been the same. Women can do anything if they just put their mind, heart and soul into it, and that goes for men too. It is very important not to get bullied by family, clients, friends, or in the workplace.

(7) What advice will you give to young or aspiring mothers?

Stop whining and get a grip! Mollycoddling your children isn’t the only way to manage them nor teach them. Most importantly, listen to advice.

(8) How did your passion for writing come about? Describe some of your books.

My soulmate, my husband passed on almost 10 years ago. My world crashed. There was so much anger in me that needed to be let out. Instead of lashing at the Universe and the loving people around me, I poured my emotions on paper and haven’t stopped since.

I started with a cookbook filled with family recipes and progressed to poetry and am currently on a journey to complete another 2. Let’s keep it quiet for now on what it’s going to be about.

(9) What do you want or wish most for your children?

I pray for their hearts’ desires to be fulfilled. I pray for joy to surround them. I pray for the soft landing of harsh lessons that may come forth for them. I just pray for their highest good, with harm done to none, today and everyday.

In her free time, Chand loves creating poetry. The one she wrote below is titled, "As the Rains Fall". For more of her writings and poetry, please click here.

As the rains fall

I close my eyes

I can smell the beautiful fragrance of the moist ground

The dark green and wet grass

The blooming colorful flowering buds

The fresh unspoiled cool breeze

As the rains fall

My eyes are shut

I see you

I hear you

I feel you

I can almost touch you

As the rains fall

I can feel the romantic tingle of your touch

I can feel the warmth of your your caress

I can taste the sweetness of your kiss

I can hear the intoxicating sound of your voice

As the rains fall

I open my eyes with longing

I cannot see you

I cannot feel you

I cannot touch you

As the rains fall...

As the rains fall...

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