Hello! We want to listen to your story!

But how could you live and have no story to tell?

We want to see the world through individuals and understand life through their eyes. We are not here to just collect stories of the rich and famous, but people from all walks of life. Each person has value, and an amazing story to tell. Therefore, if you are interested or know someone that is, please contact us!  

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Bobby Harjani

Co-Founder and Chief Connector

Bobby is the CEO of an edu tech startup who aspires to transform the learning experience. He believes in celebrating people for who they are, rather than stumbling over who they are not. He spends most of his free time watching the news.

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Nicholas Ong

Co-Founder and Chief Interviewer

Nicholas is a digital marketing copywriter who aspires to be a published author in the future. When he's not writing, he spends most of his spare time playing Animal Crossing on the switch.